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Be a Safety Hero

Perceiving and experiencing safety

Realistic and interactive
Scientifically backed
Unique in the Netherlands

Risk Factory Twente

Risk Factory: perceiving and experiencing safety

Your safety is in your own hands. This begins with self-reliance. At the Risk Factory, we make primary school children and vulnerable seniors in Twente aware of potential risks. They learn and experience how to react in simulated, real-life safety situations, by participating in interactive safety scenarios link to the program covering a variety of topics, including fire hazards, internet use, traffic safety, alcohol abuse, the effects of peer pressure and contacting the emergency services. In summary, the Twente Risk Factory is the safety education centre for awareness training in safety risks and solutions.

Risk Perceptions and Safety

Real-life experience changes the perception of risk and furnishes both young and old with the confidence to make the right decisions when necessity dictates.

Rob van der Vegt, directeur Koe

Child safety already forms an integral part of our curriculum. But the Risk Factory enables children to experience a great deal in a short amount of time. Words in a classroom simply cannot compete...


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