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How can you regocnise cyber bulling?

Safety scenarios

Risk Factory

Recognising unsafe situations

There’s a lot that you, personally, can do to prevent a fire in your living environment. In this scenario, children are made aware of the various fire hazards in their own home. The students actively seek out dangerous situations and are encouraged to consider how to prevent them.

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Peer Pressure

This scenario was developed in partnership with Bureau HALT and the Police. Children aren’t (always) aware of peer pressure and the serious consequences that this phenomenon can have.

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Dialling 112

In a serious situation, you can always call 112. But you should never do it just for fun! We teach our visitors what information they need to have at hand, before calling the emergency services.

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Internet Safety

In the first part of this particular scenario, participants learn what information they should and should not divulge on the Internet. Every child subsequently sits behind their own PC in order to select a number of contacts on a chosen social media platform.

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Traffic Safety

What must you be aware of in the immediate vicinity of a lorry, bus or other large vehicle? Do you know where the vehicle’s blind spot is? 

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“We’re acutely aware that the success of the Risk Factory largely depends on the person accompanying the children during the various scenarios. They not only require an affinity with their audience; they must also attempt to connect with it through their choice of language, group dynamics and educational approach. That’s why we collaborate with a number of educational institutions, such as the University of Twente and Saxion Universities, and relay the results of scientific research back to these supervisors. This enables them to 'connect' with the children (and understand how they perceive things).

David Bornebroek, projectleader Risk Factory