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Virtual reinforcement

Game of heroes

Visitors don’t only enjoy a realistic safety experience at the Risk Factory; they also benefit from virtual reinforcement via a serious game: Game of Heroes. This enables us to combine a high experiential value (fun) with the transfer of information (educational). Players are encouraged to think about (safety) solutions in ‘real’ life. And the competitive element provides additional motivation for individual, group and class.

In preparation of their visit to the Risk Factory, students are presented with a number of in-depth questions based on the various scenarios link to scenarios. They become familiar with the context of the game, the characters and their own role. This is known as the 'baseline'.

Safety heroes

Learning continues even after a visit to the Risk Factory. Indeed, children play mini games that dive further into the same themes. These are followed up with a Safety Exam, after which the player officially qualifies as a ‘safety hero’. This improves safety awareness in a thoroughly modern way. We conclude their safety training with further questions or the so-called 'One Measurement’. The results provide useful information on the learning efficiency and effectiveness of the various Risk Factory scenarios.

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 “The Risk factory has been designed and built on the basis of scientific research. We choose long-term engagement in the form of serious gaming. In our game, the children adopt the role of 'safety heroes' and become safety ambassadors for life.”

David Bornebroek, projectleader Risk Factory Twente